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Stone of Glory
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Long time ago humans from civilized world seeking new lands and wealth found a place somewhere in the center of earth where none has ever gone. The lands there were full of resources so they established a colony in this new 'paradise' on earth.

Soon more people came and great leaders, warriors, generals build colonies. In our days that peaceful place is becoming more and more a hostile environment where everyone is looking for more.
But, people where never alone there, these lands keep many secrets, local people were here thousand years before.

These people were peaceful but now learned from the war ways of newcomers and have been organized to prevent uncontrolled expansion from strong leaders that want everything, to punish those don't follow the rules of their lands, the rules of Dratoria...
Can you expand there? Can you build an empire in those lands full of secrets? Can you survive there?


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Open Worlds normal srv
Official: yes
Lang: EN,GR
Limited: no
TimeLine: x10
duration: 6-7m normal srv
Official: yes
Lang: EN
Limited: yes (1000)
TimeLine: x1 (normal)
duration: Endless faction srv
Official: yes
Lang: EN
Limited: no
TimeLine: x15
duration: Endless




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